CBD and Epilepsy – What to Know?

Assorted researches and anecdotal evidence have revealed that CBD is highly beneficial in dealing with Epilepsy. Various researchers have suggested that taking CBD oil every day will eventually control seizures and help people live everyday lives.

Unfortunately, Epilepsy is related to a chronic neurological disorder that results in seizures at periodic intervals. Science has no cure for this, but there are a few ways that minimize the effects of Epilepsy.

Right here, we are going to discuss everything that you should know about CBD and Epilepsy. Let’s start with what CBD is and how it behaves toward Epilepsy.


what is cbd

CBD is a compound obtained from hemp plants with several health benefits from treating patients with a wide range of health diseases. Due to its increasing popularity, various studies have been conducted that reveal the benefits of CBD products. Because of the long list of benefits, various states have legalized the use of CBD.

Not only this, people who have switched themselves to CBD observe many health benefits with the continued use of CBD products like CBD Edibles for anxiety, CBD gummies for sleep, CBD cream for pain, and much more.


types of cannabis

CBD is found in three major types that are growing in popularity over time. Mainly, people prefer to consume the best CBD melatonin gummies for sleep and to stay healthy to get relief from multiple health issues.

CBD:- CBD, derived from the hemp plant, is often confused with the similar behavior compound known as THC or delta 8 THC. Various studies have revealed that CBD helps cure many diseases because of its excellent properties. One extra perk that you get with using CBD is that it does not come with psychoactive feelings. The pure form of CBD does not make a person high; this is why most people prefer to add CBD to their diet.

THC:- Another ingredient derived from hemp plants or Marijuana plants is THC. Unlike CBD, THC has the power to make a person feel high; thus, it is illegal and is not recommended. Furthermore, only the products with less than 0.3 %of THC are proven legal in certain states.

MEDICAL MARIJUANA:- Marijuana refers to the leaves and the female flowers of the hemp or marijuana plants. This type of cannabis is legalized only for medical purposes as it is proven to treat specific ailments.


relation between epilepsy cbd

In 2018, a drug-infused with CBD, Epidiolex, was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which helps cure rare forms of Epilepsy. Presently, this is the only approved CBD drug that helps cure Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) and Dravet syndrome in children (more than two years old) and adults. Furthermore, various other studies such as Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled have approved Epidiolex to be a drug that helps cure Epilepsy by lowering the recurrent seizures in the patients.


how does cbd work

Epidiolex is consumed by an oral method because it is a solution that must be consumed via an oral application. But the dosage of Epidiolex drug is based only on the severity of the symptoms and the body of the particular individual. The best method to set the proper dosage is by consulting a doctor.

Remember, Epidiolex is an expensive medicine. You can buy CBD-infused products if you can’t afford the drug. Although it is not a proven therapy, it will undoubtedly reduce the person’s repeated seizures. Moreover, CBD comes in various ways such as edibles, gels, lotions, balms, drinks, creams, etc. You need to select the CBD products that suit your needs and reap the advantages of CBD.


Hope this article is helpful to you to know everything about Epilepsy and CBD. If you are suffering from recurrent seizures, it’s time to purchase Epidiolex or high-quality CBD products. Recently, many people have included CBD in their diet and have observed various health benefits associated with other neurological disorders. While choosing the correct CBD product, make sure you read the label, check the various lab reports and buy it from a reputable company. Try to talk to a doctor before you decide to use CBD to cure Epilepsy.


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