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  • Name: Troyal Garth Brooks
  • Birth: February 7, 1962
  • Birthplace: Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Star Sign: Aquarius
  • Occupation: Singer-songwriter
  • Random fact: Garth “retired” from performing and touring on October 26, 2000, the same day Capitol threw a party celebrating his sales of 100 million albums.

Garth Brooks quotes about love, relationship


I introduce her as the love of my life everywhere that we go. She introduces me as her current husband. So you can see how the relationship kinda works here. ~Garth Brooks tweet

I just love to see people having a good time. ~Garth Brooks tweet


Be with someone who is kind. I think that’s it. Just to love one another was the thing I would want to do. It’s a thing that you can’t stop doing. ~Garth Brooks tweet

The hardest part about this business is accepting the back end with the same love that you accepted the front end. ~Garth Brooks tweet


What I love about ‘Midnight Train’ is that it’s a song about a journey, but the music actually takes you on that journey. It feels like you’re moving through the whole song. ~Garth Brooks tweet


I love being a part of country music. I love going out and… doing things for the first time for country music. I always enjoy that. ~Garth Brooks tweet


Thank God I’m with the love of my life. That’s why I know I’m right where I’m supposed to be. ~Garth Brooks tweet


Doing new stuff live is tough just simply because I pay my money, I stand in my seats, and I see the guys I love. And if I paid that ticket, there’s a good chance that I’m there to hear the stuff that made me fall in love with ’em – we call it the ‘old stuff.’ ~Garth Brooks tweet

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Garth Brooks quotes about music

Music keeps you eternally young. It just does.~Garth Brooks tweet


Music should always be first. ~Garth Brooks tweet


If the artists would just keep hammering away – unify, stick together – then music will become the king again, which is what it should be. ~Garth Brooks tweet


I spend all my time right now trying to combat music retail and copyright.~Garth Brooks tweet


Country music is what is sincere; that’s the main thing. ~Garth Brooks tweet


I wouldn’t mind producing a movie with a music storyline, but acting in one is too close to home. ~Garth Brooks tweet


No offense to music – thank you for Entertainer of the Year and all that stuff. But if you’re a father or a mother, there’s nothing that beats being a parent, and that’s the best time of my life right there. ~Garth Brooks tweet


As a kid, before I could play music, I remember baseball being the one thing that could always make me happy. ~Garth Brooks tweet


I don’t think the label makes the artist or the artist makes the label. It’s the music that makes everything work or not. ~Garth Brooks tweet


I like to follow my favorite team and talk sports with my band or fans. You won’t believe how many musicians are sports fans. We have so much time on tour that we need these outlets for relaxation. ~Garth Brooks tweet

I am the last guy that wants to quit making music. ~Garth Brooks tweet


True country music is honesty, sincerity, and real life to the hilt. ~Garth Brooks tweet


While I’m playing baseball, I’m still writing songs and having tapes sent to me. I’m sure I’ll spend a lot of time in the whirlpool resting these tired bones, so I’ll be thinking of music then. ~Garth Brooks tweet

Inspirational Garth Brooks quotes

You can’t succeed if you don’t know what losing is. ~Garth Brooks tweet


Stand straight, walk proud, have a little faith. ~Garth Brooks tweet

Happiness isn’t getting what you want, it’s wanting what you got. ~Garth Brooks tweet


Just keep taking chances and having fun. ~Garth Brooks tweet


If you’re true to yourself, you just do what you do. ~Garth Brooks tweet


You aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy. ~Garth Brooks tweet


I try to do my best. ~Garth Brooks tweet


Our lives are better left to chance. I could have missed the pain, but I’d have had to miss the dance.
— Garth Brooks (The Dance lyrics) tweet


I toasted you, said honey we may be through, but you’ll never hear me complain.
— Garth Brooks (lyrics) tweet


You know a dream is like a river; ever changin’ as it flows. And a dreamer’s just a vessel that must follow where it goes.
— Garth Brooks (lyrics) tweet


If she were a president, she’d be Baberham Lincoln.
— Garth Brooks tweet


Well I wrote our names a thousand times…just to see yours sitting next to mine.
— Garth Brooks tweet


Sometimes I thank God for cheeseburgers.
— Garth Brooks tweet


Life is like therapy, real expensive and no guarantees.
— Garth Brooks tweet


How you ever gonna know if you’re the best? How you ever gonna know what you believe in, if you don’t put it to the test?
— Garth Brooks tweet


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