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  • Name: Gwen Renée Stefani
  • Birth: October 3, 1969
  • Birthplace: Anaheim, California, U.S.
  • Star Sign: Libra
  • Occupation: Singer-songwriter, fashion designer, actress
  • Spouse: Gavin Rossdale (m. 2002–2016)
  • Partner: Blake Shelton (2015–present)


Gwen Stefani quotes about music


Music has this emotional thing to it, and it touches people in crazy ways. The power of having that power is something that, once you have it, you don’t want it to ever end. ~Gwen Stefani


Out of all the artistic things I do, music is the most rewarding because it’s so hard to write songs. ~Gwen Stefani


It takes a lot of selfish time to make music. ~Gwen Stefani

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Love. Angel. Music. Baby.
— Gwen Stefani

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Music and fashion, it all comes from the same place of creativity.
— Gwen Stefani


I’m just an Orange County girl from a loving family making music with my friends. It’s not really that big of a deal.
— Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani quotes about love

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I’ve always been a girl who loves to dress up. ~Gwen Stefani


I would love to learn to play something so I don’t have to rely on someone to collaborate with. ~Gwen Stefani


Before, I was really passive, all I cared about was being in love with my boyfriend. I didn’t have any creative power, nothing. I don’t know that person any more. ~Gwen Stefani


Now I’m a wife and a mother of two. It’s a really different role. I always referred to No Doubt as a marriage, because that’s what it’s like to be together for so long and go through what we’ve been through. I can’t really have that relationship with them anymore. ~Gwen Stefani


And all of your faults vanish to a blind daze. Your bitterness erased by my sense of taste. And harsh words are deafened by love.
— Gwen Stefani


I love you completely. I guess I’m kinda mad about you.
— Gwen Stefani


I give you everything that I am. I’m handin’ over everything that I’ve got ’cause I wanna have a really true love. Don’t ever wanna have to go and give you up.
— Gwen Stefani


Funny how I find myself in love with you. If I could buy my reasoning, I’d pay to lose.
— Gwen Stefani


Yeah, it’s fun. I love talking about myself. And its yummy right now in the heat.
— Gwen Stefani

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Gwen Stefani quotes about family, husband, children

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At a certain point I’m going to want to have a family. ~Gwen Stefani


My priorities are always going to be my husband and my family now. That’s a huge, huge thing. ~Gwen Stefani

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Finding that balance between work and family is the hardest thing I’ve ever done – by far. ~Gwen Stefani


My mom always said I was the peacemaker in the family. My older brother, Eric, was the leader, the creative one. I was just his puppet. ~Gwen Stefani


It’s superfun being a mom, but it’s hard too. ~Gwen Stefani


Being a singer is all about me. About ego. Being a mom is all about being selfless – two different worlds. ~Gwen Stefani

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Being a mom is hard, I think a lot of working moms feel that way. ~Gwen Stefani


Although I’d always wanted children, it was such an opposite thing to being a singer. ~Gwen Stefani


I like to make my husband like me more, and he likes it when I’m wearing makeup. ~Gwen Stefani


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Inspirational Gwen Stefani quotes

I want you all over me — like L.A.M.B.
— Gwen Stefani


Look at your watch now. You’re still a super hot female.
— Gwen Stefani


Our memories, they can be inviting. But some are altogether, mighty frightening.
— Gwen Stefani


Workin’ so hard every night and day and now we get to lay back.
— Gwen Stefani



Now I got my foot — through the door — and I ain’t goin’ no where.
— Gwen Stefani




This sh-t is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.
— Gwen Stefani


Let me blow ya mind.
— Gwen Stefani


Wakin’ up to find another day. The moon got lost again last night, but now the sun has finally had its say.
— Gwen Stefani


And all I know is, you’ve got to give me everything. Nothing less ’cause, you know I give you all of me.
— Gwen Stefani




Stay up till four in the mornin’ and the tears are pourin’. And I want to make it worth the fight. What have we been doin’ for all this time? Baby if we’re gonna do it, come on do it right.
— Gwen Stefani

7 gwen stefani quotes

It’s my life. Don’t you forget.
— Gwen Stefani




Funny how I blind myself, I never knew. If I was sometimes played upon, afraid to lose.
— Gwen Stefani




Writing songs is super intimate. It’s a bit like getting naked.
— Gwen Stefani


Sometimes you have to sacrifice your performance for high heels.
— Gwen Stefani


“Oh yeah, fortunately the girls are a lot braver then the guys, they flirt all the time.”
— Gwen Stefani


Don’t shave, don’t shower, don’t care. Be really stinky and wear the same clothes every day. I think what makes a man sexy is not being self-aware. That’s what’s really cute to me.
— Gwen Stefani


“I’m cutting in line and thank you for letting me cut in line, but I will stand here for a while. I’m not in a rush.”
— Gwen Stefani


I want to be a guy, but I want to wear a lot of makeup.
— Gwen Stefani


“I think I’ve been able to fool a lot of people because I know I’m a dork. I’m a geek.”
— Gwen Stefani




Being in a band you can wear whatever you want – it’s like an excuse for Halloween everyday.
— Gwen Stefani


I think everyone has gifts and everyone has talents. If you are successful at it, it feels really good but it never really penetrates completely.
— Gwen Stefani


“The people who worked at the clubs just assumed I was a tagalong girlfriend or groupie. I’d get up on stage and the audience was just like, ‘Show me your tits!’ I had nothing to show anyway.”
— Gwen Stefani

8 gwen stefani quotes

Life is short and you’ve got to get the most out of it. ~Gwen Stefani


I don’t have a strong sense of self-worth unless I’m doing something. ~Gwen Stefani


Every day I fail at something. ~Gwen Stefani


As a famous person you think how you’re gonna end it, get away and have a normal life. ~Gwen Stefani


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