Political Books That Will You Make Smarter

If you are looking for the tools that will allow you to navigate the modern world without falling victim to the tricks of politicians’ schemes, reading political books should be your first step. Not only will these books tell you a compelling story, but they can actually inspire you to action with the many political quotes they abound in.

Now, if you do not know which books are considered the best in terms of narrative, philosophy, facts, and political ideas, do not fret! There are plenty of comprehensive reviews, like https://www.bestadvisers.co.uk/political-books, that will give you an insight into the most popular books to sharpen your political know-how.  

Admittedly, the era we live in can be described as anything but perfect and raises many complicated issues. However, reading political books can help you understand what stands behind those issues and navigate them better. Besides, it isn’t as boring as some people may think.

In fact, many of the books are quite humorous and entertaining, with modern authors breaking down difficult concepts into easy-to-comprehend diagrams, illustrations, and infographics, making digesting serious information a lot easier even for complete newbies. If this sounds exactly like the type of book you are looking for, read on to find bestsellers of all time. 

#1 Pick DK The Politics Book

What distinguishes this book and stands it apart from many similar ones is that it deals with both politics and philosophy, giving you an all-encompassing story that is sure to keep you hooked throughout your reading. The author of this book gives answers to the questions of how people, as the nation, should govern themselves, as well as looks back at different societies’ opinions regarding such things as democracy and violence. Moreover, all of these facts aren’t just laid out plain dry, as is often the case with most books on politics.

The DK Book combines politics with history and tells you a thrilling story about how the biggest ideas have shaped over time, and what they’ve revolved into exactly, so you can see where the roots go. It also guides you through the clashing ideologies such as capitalism, communism, and fascism and gives you explanation as to how those contexts were birthed and why people supported them.

All of these stories brim to the pack with illustrations, diagrams, and inspiring quotes from the greatest thinkers, making reading this serious publication anything but boring. So, if you’ve been interested in politics for a long time and are looking for a great read, the DK The Politics Book should definitely be on your must-read list. 

#2 Pick Doris Kearns Goodwin Team of Rivals

Next up, Team of Rivals, an outstanding read about a not less outstanding person that the US has known yet — Abraham Lincoln. Add this book to your collection if you really want to understand the concept of the intricate subject, that is politics, and follow in the footsteps of the greatest political figures such as Lincoln himself, Obama II and many others.

Moreover, despite counting more than 1,000 pages, this book is really gripping, using a prose to illustrate the events that transpired at the time and the reasons why people were part of it.

Sure, the highlight of the book is Abraham Lincoln. You will learn how this political genius governed the country and what skills helped him resist the pressure of the opponents. Now, if you still hesitate if this book is a worth read, here’s a fact: when Barack Obama was asked which book inspired and helped him during his presidency, he outlined Team of Rivals, which’s not a small feat at all! 

Of course, these books are just the tip of the iceberg, and you can find many other great books on politics, philosophy, and biography of leaders. But if you don’t know where to start, they can be exactly what you need. 

In the end, while understanding political science can be quite difficult, reading books is what can help facilitate this task. On top of that, it can also make you smarter and allow you to become a meaningful part of society. Sounds like a good plan? If so, grab the book that inspires you the most and spend the next few days profitably!


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