Want to Quit Smoking? Here’s How CBD Cigarettes Can Help

The World Health Organization reports that over seven million people die of tobacco-related complications each year. It’s hard to quit smoking. But the truth is, it’s the only way toward health and longevity. Many people take medications, supplements, and essential oils to quit smoking.

However, recent studies show that CBD (cannabidiol), a non-intoxicating cannabis derivative, adds to nicotine replacement therapy. In this article, you will learn why smoking CBD cigarettes can help you overcome tobacco addiction.

What Are Hemp Cigarettes?

Hemp cigarettes feel and look like regular cigarettes, except they contain CBD extract instead of tobacco. You can smoke them just like tobacco cigarettes. 

CBD cigarettes provide relaxation, pain and anxiety relief. CBD consumers also report that pain relief kicks in a bit faster with CBD cigarettes than CBD oils. It is because CBD has higher bioavailability rates when taken through the inhalation route.

But smoking hemp can help you quit tobacco cigarettes too. Well, it sounds counterintuitive at face value. However, current studies report eye-opening results of CBD consumption among smokers.

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CBD Cigarettes Reduce Tobacco Cues

British researchers conducted a randomized double-blinded study on tobacco cravings during CBD treatment. This study aimed to investigate whether CBD reduced tobacco attention cues or not.

Scientists involved thirty tobacco-dependent participants and treated them with CBD oil. The study revealed that 800 mg of CBD reduced the pleasantness of tobacco cues after overnight cigarette abstinence. Participants smoked 40% fever cigarettes compared to the placebo group.

CBD can thus become an efficient tobacco addiction treatment, assuming that only a single dose was enough to provide such powerful results.

CBD Alleviates Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

preclinical animal study published in April 2021 reported that CBD reduces the magnitude of nicotine withdrawal symptoms in rats.

Researchers need more evidence and additional human trials to prove whether CBD works the same way in the human body. So more research is yet to come, and initial results are more than promising.

CBD Helps You Quit Smoking Indirectly Too

Once nicotine-dependent people stop smoking, they usually experience depressive symptoms. Life seems to be dimmer, and anxiety builds up. 

meta-analysis of nicotine withdrawal symptoms reports that anxiety is the most frequent mood implication following tobacco cessation. It is where CBD can help as it’s an anxiolytic.

Cannabidiol reduces bouts of anxiety, helps with anxiety disorders, improves sleep, and even fights post-traumatic stress disorder.

Given that, CBD cigarettes will help you go through tobacco withdrawal symptoms by reducing mood swings.

CBD Cigarettes Offer a Tobacco Alternative

American cancer society distinguishes several reasons why people smoke and why it’s so hard to quit. Nicotine addiction is the fundamental reason behind smoking addiction since it involves withdrawal symptoms a few people can tolerate.

However, smoking is a habit too. Many people smoke between breaks at work, in the morning, after sex, in stressful situations, and so on.

Smoking also provides some social benefits as it creates a sense of community. That’s why it’s so hard to combat all aspects of nicotine addiction at once. You are likely to fail, just like people who starve themselves on a keto diet after eating fast food for decades.

If you start your non-smoking journey, you will have to withdraw tobacco from your life step by step. While CBD cigarettes help your body cope with nicotine addiction, they also provide a healthier smoking alternative. 

Switching to CBD cigarettes allows you to preserve your daily smoking habits and social benefits. But instead of poisoning yourself with cancerogenic resins, you will inhale a much healthier alternative.

After smoking CBD cigarettes for a while, you will lose both physical and emotional attachment to tobacco. It will not bother you as much as it did because you can still smoke and relax. Eventually, you will be able to stop smoking at all.

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How to Choose the Best CBD Cigarettes?

Follow these tips to buy high-quality hemp cigarettes at the most beneficial price:

1. Make sure CBD oils for quitting smoking contain 0.3% THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) by dry weight. THC is psychoactive and harms your health if you take more than 0.3% of it.

2. Check CBD cigarettes review platforms and customer testimonials to learn about the prices and quality of CBD brands.

3. Opt for brands that make CBD cigarettes from purely organic American-grown hemp as it yields the most health benefits due to natural farming practices and strict regulations.

4. Check your CBD cigarettes for lab results available on official brand websites.

The Bottom Line

CBD cigarettes help quit smoking through several pathways – they make smoking tobacco less rewarding and reduce smoking cues. Besides, CBD helps with nicotine abstinence anxiety. Lastly, it offers a healthier smoking pattern. To choose the best CBD cigarettes, you have to opt for reliable CBD brands, check CBD reviews, and search for the best price-quality ratio.

About Jamie Taylor

Jamie Taylor is a ValidCBDOil founder and a physician’s assistant. He has been in medicine for over ten years, helping people cope with chronic pain, inflammation, and neurological disorders. Jamie established ValidCBDOil shortly after the US government legalized cannabidiol to help his readers get insights into CBD treatments. Jamie shares this knowledge about CBD products and treatment specifics to help readers cope with their conditions.


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