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Samurai quotes on death


I have found that the way of the samurai is death. This means that when you are compelled to choose between life and death, you must quickly choose death. ~Yamamoto Tsunetomo


A samurai should always be prepared for death – whether his own or someone else’s. ~Stan Sakai


Engage in combat fully determined to die and you will be alive; wish to survive in the battle and you will surely meet death. ~Uesugi Kenshin


The way of the Samurai is found in death. ~Yamamoto Tsunetomo


Where life is more terrible than death, it is then the truest valor to dare to live. ~Thomas Browne


Generally speaking, the way of the warrior is resolute acceptance of death. ~Miyamoto Musashi


When following the way, do not be afraid of dying.

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Samurai quotes on fear


Everyone feels fear. What a samurai or warrior is, is what you do when you feel fear. ~Enson Inoue


Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.


Don’t fear death. Fear the un-lived life.


Samurai quotes on life, love


The moment you find the courage to give up your life for someone, would be the moment you understand love.


This is the substance of the way of the samurai: if by setting one’s heart right every morning and evening, one is able to live as though his body were already dead, he gains freedom in the way. His whole life will be without blame, and he will succeed in his calling. ~Yamamoto Tsunetomo


Native Americans say, “It’s a good day to die,” and samurai live their life to die honorably, so that kind of energy creates a certain mindset of re-activeness with control to a point. And after that, it’s gone. ~Cary- Hiroyuki Tagawa

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Samurai quotes on loyalty


One who was born in the house of a warrior, regardless of his rank or class, first acquaints himself with a man of military feats and achievements in loyalty…Everyone knows that if a man doesn’t hold filial piety toward his own parents he would also neglect his duties toward his lord. Such a neglect means a disloyalty toward humanity. Therefore such a man doesn’t deserve to be called ‘Samurai’. ~Takeda Shingen


Loyalty and devotion lead to bravery. Bravery leads to the spirit of self-sacrifice. The spirit of self-sacrifice creates trust in the power of love. ~Morihei Ueshiba


Samurai quotes on patience


Warriors are not the ones who always win, but the ones that always fight.


Samurai quotes from Musashi


Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie. ~Miyamoto Musashi


One thousand days of lessons for discipline; ten thousand days of lessons for mastery. ~Miyamoto Musashi


The way of the warrior does not include other ways…but if you know the way broadly you will see it in everything. ~Miyamoto Musashi


To die as a warrior means to have crossed swords and either won or lost without any consideration for winning or losing. ~Miyamoto Musashi


You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain. ~Miyamoto Musashi


Control your anger. If you have anger towards others, they control you. ~Miyamoto Musashi


The only reason a warrior is alive is to fight, and the only reason a warrior fights is to win. Otherwise, why be a warrior? It is easier to count beads. ~Miyamoto Musashi


Under the sword lifted high, there is hell making you tremble. But go ahead, and you have the land of bliss. ~Miyamoto Musashi


Immature strategy is the cause of grief. ~Miyamoto Musashi


When in a fight to the death, one wants to employ all one’s weapons to the utmost. I must say that to die with one’s sword still sheathed is most regrettable. ~Miyamoto Musashi


The approach to combat and everyday life should be the same. ~Miyamoto Musashi


Samurai quotes on learning


Study hard an all things can be accomplished. Give up, and you will amount to nothing. ~Yamaoka Tesshu


In our modern world, we look unkindly on mistakes and imperfection. But this is far from the samurai ideal. Mistakes are part of the learning process and if you haven’t made them then you are, indeed, dangerous because it means you have never learned anything. Mistakes, to a samurai, are the proof of your learning. ~Instruction manual for the 21st century Samurai


The last samurai quotes


This is almost the most famous story The last samurai – Samurai story – in Japan. ~Hiroyuki Sanada


Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow is but a vision. But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well, therefore, to this day. ~Sanskrit Proverb


“Knowing” may be half the battle, but in some cases proper spirit can win a battle before it even starts.


the last samurai quotes

Algren: There was once a battle at a place called Thermopylae, where three hundred brave Greeks held off a Persian army of a million men…a million, you understand this number?
Katsumoto: I understand this number.


I don’t get over the wonder of it, and ‘The Last Samurai’ was an extreme example of that. Every day when I went to the set, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. ~Tony Goldwyn


And against all the odds
She stood up like the last samurai on the battleground
She raised up like high tides on the full moon
She shined up like an alpha Centauri
She ignited like a tequila on the first sip
She fiereced like the alpha of the pack
And the whole world craved for her like the water on the Mars.
~Survenya Sinnasamy


The say Japan was made by a sword.
They sat the old gods dipped a coral blade into the ocean, and when they pulled it out, four perfect drops fell back into the sea, and those drops became the islands of Japan.
I say, Japan was made by a handful of brave men. Warriors, willing to give their lives for what seems to have become a forgotten word: Honor.
~Simon Graham


A man does what he can, until his destiny is revealed.


Like a sword, a word can wound or kill, but as long as one does not touch the blade, the sword is no more than a smooth piece of metal. Someone who knows the qualities of a sword does not play with it, and someone who knows the nature of words does not play with them.



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