Video Chat With Girls: 10 Do’s And Don’ts

Video chatting with a girl can be a nerve-wracking experience, whether she’s your long-time crush or you two are meeting for the first time. If you’re the shy type, the situation gets even worse, especially when the call is ringing and you wait for her to pick up.

This is understandable, as any wrong word or move may be the reason your video chat goes wrong and you leave the girl disappointed. Therefore, it’s paramount for you to know how to act during the call. To make your experience more comfortable, here’s a list of dos and don’ts you’d want to consider the next time you have a live video chat.


woman talking with man through video chat

For a pleasant video chat experience with girls, do the following:

1. Use A Reliable Video Chatting Platform

Before anything, ensure the platform you’re using is dependable and secure. As said earlier, you have to be careful, especially in present times when cases of online spying and hacking get more prominent by the day. For this reason, you must go for a platform with a good reputation.

Forums like coo meet and other prominent web chat sites offer you a safe platform to meet thousands of girls from all around the globe. To make your experience simpler, they have one-on-one live video chats features. Other services you’d enjoy from such sites include:

  • Audio calls
  • Candidate affirmation. The girls are all verified, not bots or fakes
  • Online dating
  • Anonymity and security
  • Chatroulette and Omegle technologies

Wherever you are in the world, you can meet and privately video chat with girls of your choice.

2. Make Yourself Up

With good looks, you’ll get the attention of any girl. Like men, girls also love it when boys dress up for them. So, if you’re planning for a video call, clean up first. You may get a haircut, groom your beard, throw on stylish attire, and any other accessory that’ll spruce up your look.  

The lady will appreciate your efforts in trying to look good for her. And, if you’re pursuing her for marriage or a romantic relationship, making yourself up for the video chat scores you a point and gets you a step closer to winning her over.

3. Begin With The Pleasantries

Pleasantries are chief determinants of how your conversation proceeds. Make it more natural, and thus, you should make sure to have them early in the talk. After answering the call, don’t go straight to your main discussion. Instead, try lightening up the mood by asking the girl questions such as:

  • How’re you doing?
  • How was your day?
  • Have you had dinner yet?
  • How’s your family?
  • How’s your pet?

These questions show the lady that you’re concerned about not just her, but her loved one’s well-being as well. As a result, they’re likely to warm up to you more.

Additionally, through the pleasantries, you may discover mutual interests, such as a genre of movies that you both like. You have established common ground and make your conversation more fun and effortless. 

4. Flirt, But Keep It Polite

If a lady likes you, hearing flirtatious comments or seeing such gestures from you could make the rest of her day or night. Naturally, most ladies like being pursued. So, they wait for you to make the first move and one way to do this is by flirting with her.

However, you should avoid being vulgar and obscene, more so if you’re chatting with her for the first time. Doing this gives the girl the impression that you’re after her only for lustful purposes and your conversation may end sooner than you anticipated. Therefore, flirt with her, but be polite, for girls like gentlemen.

5. Use A Gentle Tone

Always be mindful of how your words come across. Your tone speaks volumes of your personality. So, to give your online date a good impression, be wise to maintain a gentle tone. 

In addition to the tone, use kind words. Ladies find kindness an attractive trait in a man. So, if you keep up with the cordial language in your conversations, expect more girls to fall to your charm by the day.


Here are some of the things you should avoid when video calling the girl:

6. Don’t Start A Video Call Without A Heads Up

Unless it’s an emergency that can’t be handled via audio call, or you’re her best friend who’s seen her looking her worst, don’t call her without informing her first. Women like to look beautiful before a video chat from a guy and most of them will fix themselves up first.

So, if you spontaneously call, your video call might probably go unanswered. To avoid this, ensure that you always text her first to inform her of the intended video call.

7. Don’t Be Late

No one likes waiting for an unnecessarily long time. So, if you think you’ll be late, make sure to inform her and make arrangements to postpone or reschedule the video chat.

You might get leeway for being a few minutes late, but always try your best to be ready for the scheduled time for the chat. 

8. Don’t Share Your Personal Information On A First Date

Despite its perks, the internet is also a platform where scammers and other cybercriminals conduct malicious activity on innocent users and the lady you video chat with might be one of them. Therefore, don’t share your personal and sensitive information before knowing her well. 

Keep your conversation simple, basic, and let it maintain a need-to-know basis. By doing so, you protect yourself from cyber risks such as identity theft.

9. Don’t Cut Her Speech Short

Among the principal concepts of good communication skills is turn-taking. Without it, you simply won’t have a meaningful conversation. When the girl is talking, you should try being a good listener and give her the time to finish. Afterward, you can bring your point across.

However, if you keep on interrupting her, she’ll probably get frustrated and end the conversation. If you’d just met her, your relationship can end as soon as it begins.

10. Don’t Multitask In The Background

Some ladies love it when you give them attention. To do this, you may try maintaining gentle eye contact, being aware of her surroundings, and being attentive to what she’s saying.

Otherwise, if you’re doing other tasks on your computer or phone, or appear to be distracted, the girl might interpret this as your way of telling her you aren’t interested in the talk. If this happens in every other video chat, it could mean the end of your relationship.


Video chatting with a girl you like is an exciting experience. To make it more memorable, you should know what to do and what not to do during your conversations. You’d want to use a reliable web chat site, dress up for her, begin with pleasantries, use a gentle tone, and politely flirt with her. Also, you should avoid sharing your personal information, calling without informing her first, being late, cutting her short, or multitasking.

With these tips, you’re surely going to have an unforgettable moment video chatting with girls.


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