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  • Full name: Quavious Keyate Marshall
  • Born: April 2, 1991
  • Born in: Athens, Georgia, United States
  • Occupation: American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer
  • Height: 5ft 10in (173 cm)
  • Weight: 73kg (160 lbs)
  • Net worth: $26 million

Inspirational Quavo quotes

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When you do it yourself, you feel better.


It’s a blessing to have fans acknowledging your craft, period.


We can’t stop anybody from doing what they want to do.

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I feel like we can learn from each other by us, being the young generation, giving knowledge to the older guys.


History repeats itself. So you might wanna pay attention.

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I’m just willing to try different things. But you gotta keep it all making sense.


We always did everything ourselves.


We need the world to respect us. They consume a lot of hits and just act like it wasn’t… I ain’t never seen nobody make these many hits and not get notified for it. And change the game like we did and bring the flow to the game the way we did and not get noticed for it, like the the big way – the real system way.


I couldn’t follow nobody’s rules.

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I knew I was going to be somebody.


Nobody’s gonna care about your stuff the way you do.


We want everybody to be bossed up.

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Wealth is just consistency… I don’t want to be rich. I want to be wealthy.


Quavo quotes about men, girls

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Girls always make our music go. They set the trends. It starts with the ladies.


Men always like what the ladies like.


Girls run the world.


All these police treating our people wrong, man. Black lives matter, but we got fans of all different colors, so all lives matter.

Quavo quotes about music, hip hop


Our first album didn’t work because we tried to be something we’re not.


As artists, we’re always going to like the songs we just now made over the songs we made a year ago.


Our music attracts the people that we rap about and make music about, and they come out and actually do it.


It should take you 15 minutes to make a song, and then get out of there.


We always make music and continue to make hits.


We grew up listening to music like that: we grew up on the snap music, grew up off the trap music, grew up on all the South sound.


The people we grew up watching and listening to – Outkast, Gucci Mane, Hot Boys, Lil Wayne, Master P – all that type of stuff, we took those styles and made it our own.


We always trend set.


We know the fans love us to death, and the people that hear out music love our music.


Hip-hop was started on groups.


Offset’s the animal out the group. But he ain’t no bad guy.


I’ll tell ya, when you open up that can of dab, it’s always fresh.


Every time we get days off, we try to go home and record five or six songs.

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