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  • Full name: Dimitri Roger
  • Born: July 13, 1992
  • Born in: Queens, New York, United States
  • Occupation: American rapper and songwriter
  • Height: 5ft 10in
  • Weight: 67kg
  • Net worth: $2 million

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I make a lot of money off featuring, doing songs with up-and-coming artists. I can charge someone $10,000 to $15,000 to do one song.


I usually just have a circle of people that I associate myself with. I’m not really cool with a lot of people. It might seem like I’m cool with them, but I’m really not.


If I’m not on tour or doing a show, I’m in the studio.

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The best route is to stay humble and stay true to yourself.


I listened to a lot of Jay Z and Nas, stuff like that, so I was always New York-influenced. I think I have that New York flow.

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There’s no other rapper that will drop a better album than me. No one.

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You don’t have to work with everybody and be on songs with everybody just to make it.


A lot of people really didn’t expect for me to have a record with Kendrick, but I proved them wrong. It’s not easy to get Kendrick on a record, so it was a huge deal for me to have him featured on the song.


After I posted the picture of Frank Ocean, I think his little brother called him and said the picture was all over the Internet, so Frank Ocean was like, ‘I’m not on social media like that, but it’s cool. I’m not mad about it.’


Everybody seen me talking to Frank Ocean, so they know something is coming, so something is coming with Frank Ocean – just wait on it – and, you know, people were just like, ‘Whoa, Rich the Kid found Frank Ocean!’


Young artists, I really love to see us winning.

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If the kids like it, my fans like it – whoever this music pertains to, if they like it, it’s for them. That’s what this art is for.


By now, people should know who I am. I have established myself as Rich the Kid, so people respect me.


I did two records with DJ Mustard. They were stupid, like, crazy hits, so we just kept on working, and we did a whole project together, so we got that coming.


It’s my music. It’s my craft. If you don’t like it, then turn it off. Don’t listen to it. But a lot of people listen to it… The numbers, they add up.


Jaden Smith is a good friend of mine. We’ve got that song that just dropped on the ‘Rich Forever II’ tape, and we got a couple other songs that we have in the cut.


Manny Smith & Interscope CEO John Janick understand me and my vision for myself and also my label. Interscope gave me the opportunity to take over the game completely, and that’s what I’m going to do.


Dabbing started with us – QC the label – Jose Guapo, Migos, Skippa Da Flippa, PeeWee Longway. When we performed, we just dabbed, and everyone started running with it. People would do the dance, but no one would say what it was.


I was talking to different labels: Columbia, RCA , Epic. I decided not to sign with Epic even after L.A. Reid offered me a crazy deal.


I’m a big follow-through person. Everything I do, and everyone I meet, I follow through with it.


I like being signed because you have the support system. It’s all about the growth and labels give you that support you need.


I just feel like everyone should be working together and congratulating, be big upping each other instead of getting in they feelings and being jealous at younger cats.


Rich the Kid captions


We ain’t playin’ fair, you a teddy bear ~ “Dead Friends”


Told the money, “bitch you stuck with me” ~ “Lost It” 


I ran them streets with no cleats ~ Offset on “Lost It”


I was broke but now I’m flexing ~ “No Question”

Rich the Kid quotes from lyrics


White J’s, white Porsche
White wrist, white horse
~Bhad Bhabie, YBN Nahmir, Rich the Kid and Asian Doll, Hi Bich (Remix)


New freak, had to cut my other lil’ bitch off (ooh, ooh, lil’ bitch)
50K, you could come and book a nigga for a plug walk
~Rich the Kid, Plug Walk


I cop me an Audi, that took, I’ma drop it
I pick up your bitch, now them panties keep droppin
~Bhad Bhabie, YBN Namir, Rich the Kid and Asian Doll, Hi Bich (Remix)


I woke up rich, spend a grip on a necklace (yuh)
I put the plug on three way (plug)
~Rich the Kid, New Freezer

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