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  • Full name: Taylor Alison Swift
  • Born: December 13, 1989
  • Born in: Reading, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Occupation: American singer-songwriter
  • Height: 5ft 10in (178 cm)
  • Weight: 55kg
  • Net worth: $400 million

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  1. Fearless is getting back up and fighting for what you want over and over again…even though every time you’ve tried before you’ve lost.
  2. There are no rules when it comes to love. I just try to let love surprise me because you never know who you’re going to fall in love with. You never know who’s going to come into your life – and for me, when I picture the person I want to end up with, I don’t think about what their career is, or what they look like. I picture the feeling I get when I’m with them.
  3. Be grateful more than anything in your life. If you have to put a priority on something, put a priority on what your thankful for and the people in your life that you’re grateful for.
  4. Giving up doesn’t always mean you’re weak sometimes you’re just strong enough to let go.
  5. I’ve found time can heal most anything and you just mind find who you’re supposed to be.
  6. Life isn’t how to survive the storm; it’s about how to dance in the rain.
  7. I’ve always strived to be successful, not famous.
  8. Just being a human being, I’ve realized that before every big problem you can create for yourself, before every huge mess you have to clean up, there was a crucial moment when you could’ve just said no.
  9. Life is a ruthless game unless you play it good and play it right.
  10. Just be yourself, there is no one better.
  11. People haven’t always been there for me, but music always has.
  12. You can’t have a better tomorrow if you keep thinking about yesterday.
  13. We don’t need to share the same opinions as others, but we need to be respectful.
  14. If you think about human nature, our favorite pair of shoes are the ones we bought yesterday, our favorite thing is the newest thing that we have, and the thing we’ve seen the most and for the longest period of time is our reflection in the mirror, so obviously that’s going to be our least favorite thing.
  15. I have this really high priority on happiness and finding something to be happy about.
  16. There are two ways you can go with pain. You can let it destroy you or use it as fuel to drive you to dream bigger, work harder.
  17. Beauty is sincerity. There are so many different ways someone can be beautiful.
  18. So don’t you worry your pretty little mind, because people throw rocks at things that shine.
  19. We were built to fall apart and fall back together.
  20. The lesson I’ve learned the most often in life is that you’re always going to know more in the future than you know now.
  21. I know my flaws before other people point them out to me.
  22. I love making new friends and I respect people for a lot of different reason.
  23. Good memories can leave even more of a scar on your heart than the bad times.
  24. You start to realize that the things that are different about you are the things that make you special. And, as cliche as at that sounds, you realize that if you are lucky enough to have something that is different about you…don’t try to hide it. I don’t try to blend in anymore, it’s all about standing out.
  25. Anytime someone tells me that I can’t do something, I want to do it more.
  26. When you feel like you’re the only person in the world feeling this way, you’re not.
  27. Everybody has a list of 100 things they would like to change about themselves. But it’s all about focusing on the good things.
  28. In life you learn lessons. Sometimes you learn them the hard way and sometime you learn them too late.
  29. No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.
  30. The rest of the world was black and white, but we were in screaming color.
  31. My ultimate goal is to end up being happy. Most of the time.
  32. Unique and different is the next generation of beautiful.
  33. Just because there’s a hurricane going on around you doesn’t mean you have to open the window and look at it.
  34. Be yourself, chase your dreams, and just never say never. That’s the best advice I could ever give someone.
  35. I’m intimidated by the fear of being average.
  36. Your feelings are so important to write down, to capture, and to remember because today you’re heartbroken, but tomorrow you’ll be in love again.
  37. Vanity can apply to both insecurity and egotism. So I distance myself because I feel everything.
  38. The world doesn’t owe you anything. You have to work for everything you get and you have to appreciate every bit of success the world gives you.
  39. We should love, not fall in love, because everything that falls, gets broken.
  40. In the real world, if you have something that makes you different. Your lucky.
  41. In real life saying the right thing at the right moment is crucial. So crucial that we begin to hesitate because we’re afraid of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. But lately, what I’ve begun to fear more than that, is letting moment pass without saying anything. I think you deserve to look back on your life without the resounding voices saying, ‘I wish I could of but it’s too late now.’ I don’t think you should wait. I think you should speak now.
  42. As soon as I accomplish one goal, I replace it with another one.  I try not to get too far ahead of myself.  I just say to myself, ‘All right, well, I’d like to headline a tour,’ and then when I get there, we’ll see what my next goal is.
  43. I always aspire to just be really nice to people. To be kind.
  44. You’re lucky enough to be different, never change.
  45. Never never never compare yourself to the beautiful girls. There’s always someone gorgeous who will make you feel like you’re not. It’s a total confidence buster!
  46. Silence speaks so much louder than screaming tantrums. Never give anyone an excuse to say that you’re crazy.
  47. There are two different categories of love. The first category is called a fairytale. The second category of love is called just another lesson.
  48. In school if you’re different that’s uncool. But I try to maintain confidence in who I am…because…you know…I don’t really want to change it.
  49. Be good to people. Be good to every single person you come into contact with. My best friends are great musicians. But more than that, they’re great people.
  50. Spending a lot of time alone, gave me a lot of time to think. A lot of time to think gave me the time to write songs.
  51. Never forget the essence of your spark!
  52. I never want to change so much that people can’t recognize me.
  53. Don’t make High School everything. Because if high school is everything, you’ve got a long life to live. And…I like to think that the best years of my life are still ahead of me.
  54. The cool thing about reading is that when you read a short story or you read something that takes your mind and expands where your thoughts can go, that’s powerful.
  55. Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear.
  56. You have to be happy with who you are and the choices you make. If you don’t like yourself, you’ll never be truly happy.
  57. I want to make the most of this cultural relevance or success or whatever you want to call it, because it’s not going to last.
  58. In my opinion, the only way to conquer stage fright is to get up on stage and play.  Every time you play another show, it’s gets better and better.
  59. I write a lot of songs about love and I think that’s because to me love seems like this huge complicated thing. But it seems like every once in a while, two people get it figured out, two people get it right. And so I think the rest of us, we walk around daydreaming about what that might be like. To find that one great love, where all of a sudden everything that seemed to be so complicated, became simple. And everything that used to seem so wrong all of a sudden seemed right because you were with the person who made you feel fearless.
  60. If I could go back I wouldn’t change anything. If I was popular I would have never left my bubble. I wouldn’t have ever tired to do anything different. I would have never become happy.
  61. You can never forget the people who were always there for you from the beginning.
  62. I’m thankful that when I go to bed at night, that I have been myself that day  And I have been myself all the days before that.
  63. When the lights go on there is this overwhelming joy that comes over me. And when I hear people scream…well thats my favorite sound in the world. That can motivate me to do anything.
  64. In a relationship each person should support the other; they should lift each other up.
  65. Life is like walking, you take one step at a time.
  66. I think there is a lesson in knowing that you can live your life in a way that you’re proud of and people are still gonna take shots.
  67. A lot of people think if they’re shouting the loudest, they’ll be heard, but most people lose respect for you when you lose your cool. You have to maintain everyone’s respect, especially as a woman in a position of power. It’s terrible to be at that kind of disadvantage, where if you yell, people will talk about you behind your back more than if you were a man. Because of those social injustices we face as women, you have to make sure that no one can call you a crazy person.
  68. Being fearless doesn’t mean you have no fears. it means you’re strong enough to face them.
  69. Never believe anyone who tells you that you don’t deserve what you want.
  70. If you’re yelling you’re the one who’s lost control of the conversation.
  71. I think fearless is having fears but jumping anyway.
  72. You are not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you.
  73. If you go too far down the rabbit hole of what people think about you, it can change everything about who you are.
  74. I never give advice unless someone asks me for it.  One thing I’ve learned, and possibly the only advice I have to give, is to not be that person giving out unsolicited advice based on your own personal experience.

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